Surfing Boom amidst the COVID19 Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has created so much health and economic crisis worldwide. Besides, it also affected the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals locked down to contain the spread of the virus.

But despite these negative effects of the global pandemic, these also paved way for discoveries, new hobbies, and making most of what we have.

Just like in the United States where there are already over 13 million active cases and over 268,000 deaths, surfing enthusiasts are forced to temporarily set aside out-of-state surfing trips. This may have disheartened wave riders, but not those in Ohio.

Surfers in Ohio were able to find relief from their grief. Local surfers are flocking down to their rivers to do river surfing. This does not only encourage people to go out and be active, but at the same time help local businesses to flourish from restaurants, shops, and Airbnb.

The recent surfing boom attracts young individuals to have an active lifestyle at the same time learn, play, and socialize. Besides, tourists and surfing fans from different states are traveling to Ohio to spend their time river surfing. And with this, local surfing shops are reaping off the positive effects of the  COVID19 pandemic.

COVID19 pandemic may also be a blessing in disguise for those who love to learn the water sport but get intimidated by ocean/sea waves. River surfing is a great opportunity for beginners to try this water activity which requires less effort and patience compared to ocean surfing.

Even with limited skills or just starting to learn the sport, river surfing is such a fun and unique way to enjoy the water.

For now, while the COVID19 active cases are still rising, beach holidays and out-of-state surfing trips are not likely to happen. Besides, some states have imposed stricter control on their beaches and some have totally closed surfing spots and public beaches.

While ocean surfing may not go back to normal anytime soon, the newly created community of river surfing is an opportunity to swim, get back on the board again, ride the wave, and meet amazing people of the same interest.

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