The Impacts of Coronavirus Restrictions on the Surfing Community

The health scare that coronavirus has brought to the global community prompted government and businesses to impose strict restrictions to control the spread of the deadly virus.

The restriction did not exempt the surfing community prompting for some enthusiasts to raise an online petition for beaches to re-open after months of being shut down.

Surfing restrictions in the US

Beach communities in the United States have implemented their different versions of restrictions. But then again, that did not stop others from still visiting the beach leaving others confused and worried. Surfers are getting mixed messages regarding safety.

Some surfers still hit the water and even created their rules of going to less crowded beaches, only surfs alone, or setting a maximum number of minutes to surf just so they can continue to catch the waves without risking their lives.

But while some surfing communities say that surfing is not in conflict with the social distancing guidelines, Kimberly Prather, a scientist from the University of California San Diego warns surfers that physical distancing or maintaining 6 feet distance from others has no use as physical distancing is only effective if you are indoors.

Droplets of the virus are airborne, which remain on air for hours. And when blown around, surfers are exposed to the risk of inhaling the coronavirus.

Beach communities across America also have individual approaches regarding COVID19. Some beach communities have completely shutdown to deter beachgoers, surfers, and swimmers while some beaches from different states still surfing.

The closure of other surfing beaches led enthusiasts to seek other surfing spots causing overcrowding. The trend of going to other surfing beaches due to the complete closure of other surfing spots risks spreading the virus to new places which can be a great burden to the community and the health care industry.

Resisting the surfing rush

While others still cannot resist the lust for the sport and the adrenaline rush, some surfers opted to stay at home and find contentment in watching surfing videos, lounging by the pool, or diving in the swimming pool.

Other’s conscious effort to adhere to health restrictions and putting surfing a temporary halt is their way of taking off some weight from the overburden that hospitals, primary care providers, and medical practitioners are experiencing during these trying times.

The takeaway

Although the surfing community has different takes on coronavirus safety, hopefully, they can come up with a consensus on how to go back surfing without risking their health and lives.

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