The Scuba Diving Community in the Middle of the Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has affected everyone worldwide including the scuba diving community. Diving shops, operators, and divers suddenly stopped  scuba diving activities and operations to control the spread of the virus.

As the virus continued to create economic and health scares across the globe, the scuba diving community created regulations and guidelines to adapt to the new normal. All of these are aimed to provide a safety environment to all while pursuing leisure and recreational diving.

But the pandemic also divided the community where some are hesitant to go back to diving while others still cannot resist going underwater. The 2.8 million active scuba divers in the United States alone have the same question: to dive or not to dive?

The scuba divers are torn between their commitment to the underwater world at the same time maintaining personal safety, and the overall health of all communities. Despite the availability of WHO and local guidelines, participating in scuba diving trips and activities are still risky.

Some diving facilities have slowly returned to operations with restrictions as a means of protecting customers, staff, and everyone involve. But even with these health protocols, facility owners have reported to having fewer customers. Some commented that there are not many issues underwater safety, but more on the surface.

Also, scuba divers who have been infected with the virus cannot resume their favorite activity just yet. People infected with COVID19 are required to wait for at least 3 months before going back to diving and will need to be examined to determine their lung capacity. 

Even asymptomatic divers are still prone to develop lung damage which could prohibit them from going back to scuba diving.

While the world is slowly regaining control over COVID19, going out and being exposed can lead to virus contamination caused by others. 

But then again, the desire to be underwater can wait. In the meantime, the best you can do is be patient and wait until the coronavirus vaccine is available so you can resume  scuba diving with pleasure and the peace of mind that you are completely safe.

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