Safety Scuba Diving Measures to Mitigate the Risks of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the world. Businesses are forced to implement closure including the scuba diving community. Scuba divers, scuba diving students, operators, and travelers are temporarily restricted operations to adhere to safety and health guidelines.

While this pandemic has given caused millions of death worldwide, many countries have started to  resume business operations as a positive result of their efforts in containing the spread of the virus.

The new normal presents numerous challenges and that includes scuba diving safety protocols to observe for everyone’s safety. As the impact of coronavirus cannot be undermined, divers and operators must adhere to these guidelines to resume enjoying the beauty of underwater without risking health and lives.

Simple steps can go a long way

First, frequently wash your hands as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Avoid touching your face, nose, or eyes. In the absence of clean water and soap, sanitize hands with at least 70% alcohol or sanitizer.

Observe physical distancing while with other scuba divers. Maintain at least 6 feet distance.

Stay at home and avoid face-to-face contact with others if you are experiencing COVID19 like symptoms like cough, fever, colds, body malaise, and sore throat. If you observe to have any or a combination of these signs, have your self checked.

For those who have suffered from COVID19, it is always a good idea rest for at least 3 months before resuming diving to give your lungs sufficient rest while asymptomatic patients must rest for a month. Medical clearance from a diving medical specialist is also necessary to ensure safety.

Follow proper sanitizing procedures for all your diving equipment and gear.

Follow rules at all times

Always adhere to local COVID19 guidelines and regulations. Please do so if you have travel plans outside of your country. Make sure to have this information handy beforehand to up-to-date.

When pursuing your love for scuba diving and underwater leisure, it is imperative to follow safety protocols. While waiting for a standardize scuba diving safety measures, you can reduce the risks of coronavirus infection by observing the World Health Organization’s recommended safety requirements.

But if you are not fully comfortable with the ongoing pandemic, it won’t hurt putting this passion to a temporary halt.

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