What’s on Sale: Check Discounts for Scuba Gear and More

Who doesn’t love a sale especially if it’s from your favorite store? What more if it’s right in time for summer activities in the water with friends and family, right?

Check out some of the items on sale this month!

Gear for scuba divers and even swimming suits for babies.

Frog fins 

This pair is made for scuba divers. With their material and technology, these frog fins are designed to make it easier for divers to move and kick in the water. What’s even more impressive is that it is suitable for all types of divers - new, intermediate, and expert.


Another product that divers can appreciate is a durable and lightweight BCD or buoyancy compensator. This air travel BCD, for instance, boasts of comfort under the sea. It also offers ease with its straps being adjustable in the water. It also has a lock system that keeps it secured to one’s body without burdening the person with its weight.

Rash Guard


When shopping for what to wear for the beach, function comes first. This can mean any swimming suit that lets you move freely with your chosen sport and protects you at the same time from the harsh sun.

Of course, style and design can be a factor when you are talking about kids. With their bright and happy colors, this rash guard for girls and another for boys are a surefire hit.

Baby swimming gear

Babies are cute but parents can’t help but be worried when bringing their little ones to the beach because of the sun’s UV rays and clothes being prickly to the skin.

A hat with bright colors for little boys and girls offers the first-level of protection. Pair that with this teeny suit that has UV rays protection and buttons for any diaper change, too. What do you have? A well-protected and comfortable baby.

This sale is for a limited time only so shop now!

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