These Three Accessories Are a Must-Have in Surfing

Surfers flock from the most popular to the more exotic of places in search of bigger waves to ride. It’s a popular belief that all you need is a reliable surfboard to glide in the waters.

But, aside from the board, be sure you packed three essential things in your bag before you head out to the next surfing camp.

Must-Have Surfing Accessories

Surfers whether pro or hobbyist rely on a variety of accessories that can help them perform better in their chosen sport. What are the top three surfing accessories?

1. Surfing Leash

With a cuff for the ankle or leg closest to the board, the leash is very useful during wipeouts. It keeps the board from hitting others at sea and saves you a few breaths from swimming after it.

Safety in itself makes the surfing leash an essential accessory for those who are still learning the ropes of surfing and is of no less helpful even for those with intermediate skills. In buying the leash, consider the cord’s length, thickness, and quality (it should not break easily).

2.SUP Strap

It’s a strap system that saves you the trouble of carrying your stand up paddleboard (SUP). The SUP carry system also serves to store your board. Use the loops to mount the board on the wall or hang it on a screw.

What to look for in buying SUP straps? The thickness of the strap to ensure support and comfort in carrying the board.

3. Sun Protection

While surfers wear their sun-kissed skin with pride, the effect of harmful UV rays can’t be overlooked. Rash guards and wetsuits will do the trick.

For other exposed parts like the face, put on a good amount of sunscreen cream or lotion before dipping into the sea. Just make sure the product is safe not only for your skin but the marine life as well.

With these accessories, you are ready to surf. 

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