Our Top 5 Destinations for Scuba Diving in July

For all the sights up on Earth, the marvels under the sea are not to be taken for granted. It’s also in July when things start to heat up for summer getaways to remember.

Get your gear ready as we list our five go-to destinations for scuba diving.

1. Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera has been known as a prime diving destination and its diving sites easily accessible from the coast of Sabang Beach.

A UNESCO heritage site, it boasts of a diverse marine life including anemonefish (Nemo), giant clams, and sea turtles.

2. Hawaii

It’s one big blue lagoon and you have these choices:

  • Wreck diving in O’ahu featuring Sea Tiger, YO-257, YS-11, Mahi and other water/aircraft that lain there in repose.
  • Picture taking with Hawaii’s state fish, the lagoon triggerfish, sea turtles and more in Maui which is also near Molokini Crater.
  • Lana’i has massive archways and caverns resembling that of cathedrals when the sunlight filters through.
  • Molokai’s 30-mile reef welcomes beginner and seasoned divers to its numerous species of fishes, turtles and dolphins.

3. Azores, Portugal

Somewhere in the Atlantic, there is the Azores where you come close to the elusive blue sharks. It’s a dream come true for divers who can also swim with devil rays and dolphins.

You can also explore wrecks and seamounts at the Azores.

4. Cape Verde, Africa

Diving in Cape Verde has been picking up with wrecks, reefs, and beaches as the islands’ primary offerings.

Cape Verde is home to species of endangered turtles, sharks, and rays. Diving sites/centers are fairly scattered at Sal and Boa Vista.

5. Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is arguably the best-known scuba diving destination in Australia. But there’s also Ningaloo Reef where it’s possible to swim with whale 

Wrecks are also found in South Australia. At Christmas Island, you are closest to the deepest end of the Indian Ocean. Dive in!

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