Top 3 Diving Spots You Shouldn't Miss in Indonesia

Indonesia is the perfect place to fall in love with scuba diving. This archipelago of over 18,000 islands is ideally located in the middle of the Coral Triangle, making it gloriously abundant with sea life. The diversity of its waters attract leisure divers, underwater photographers, and marine biologists. Whether you're a beginner or serious  diving enthusiast, here are the top spots you must discover in Indonesia.

Crystal Bay in Bali - With crystal-clear waters, you enjoy great visibility as you explore the corals and try to spot unique marine species. This place is also known to be the only diving spot where you can see the Mola Mola, the giant sun fish known to grow up to 3 meters long. Other creatures you can also observe here are tunas, eagle rays, frogfish, nudibranch, and whitetip sharks.

Komodo National Park – Whether you like to stay in shallow, warm reefs or prefer to dive deeper into the cooler depths, you will not be disappointed with the sights and sea life you'll meet in this diving heaven. Dolphins, mantas, pygmy seahorses, blue-ringed octopus, and colorful anemones are just a few of the plethora of marine creatures you can spot.

Raja Ampat – If you're looking for a real diving thrill, then this is the spot for you. The waters here are recognized as having the best marine biodiversity in the coral triangle of the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. You can feel like you are discovering secrets of the sea seen nowhere else. There are more than 1000 fish species, around 600 coral species, and almost 700 mollusc species recorded in Raja Ampat. It is most likely that you can also encounter dolphins, sharks, or whales, or groups of rays or turtles.

Aside from exhilarating and breathtaking diving spots, what makes Indonesia attractive to divers is because diving can be done all year round. You also have plenty of options for diving packages, tours, liveaboard cruises, and resorts.

So for those planning to scuba dive or simply snorkel in any of these Indonesian sites, here's a collection of the best snorkeling masks!

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