3 Essential (Must Have) Basic Gear for Snorkeling

    Relaxing, calming, exciting, and rewarding...

    These are just some of the adjectives you'll hear from people who snorkel. Maybe they like being able to experience the quiet and witness the beauty of the underwater world, or they enjoy getting a good workout while enjoying the colorful sea life. Whatever the reasons for doing snorkeling, it definitely has many benefits to one's physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Of course, to be able to enjoy this activity fully, you need to have these basic snorkeling equipment

    Here the top three (must have) items for snorkeling and diving:

    Full Mask For Snorkeling

    1.  Mask – Without this, everything will just be a blurry image. This gear creates air space for your eyes so that they can focus correctly under the water. It is important that the one you choose is a good watertight fit to avoid water leaking inside your mask. It's wise to get some expert tips on selecting the best fit. 

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    2. Snorkel – This piece of equipment is what allows you to breathe even when your face is submerged underwater. There are snorkels designed specifically for adults and children, with the major differences being in the length and size of the barrel. Make sure to get one that is comfortable, meaning it allows you to breathe dry and easy and it is a good fit in your mouth. Click here to see some of the best snorkels!

    3. Vest – The main purpose of a snorkeling vest is to provide you with additional buoyancy so you can relax more and exert less physical effort to remain afloat. Aside from that, the usual bright color of this gear makes you more visible while in the water. This means you can be spotted more easily by your companions in case you drift too far from them, or by people who are doing water sports and might bump into you. Remember to check if the vest you get is for children or adults.
    Scuba Choice Scuba Vests

    Make sure you get durable and the right fitting  snorkeling equipment to have the best experience and avoid injuries. 

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