How to Prepare for an Archery Event

An archery tournament is not just for the professionals, but can qualify intermediate-levels or even beginners, as it basically offers the chance to have fun, evaluate your skills and make new friends. However, it does not mean that you can go easy on it, as it will come with a lot of questions and puts you in a place where you will be curious about the things that are going to happen. So, if you are going to an archery event, you need to do some  preparations to get a feeling of surety before you start.

  • Practice in the clothes and shoes that you will wear.

What you wear should be appropriate, considering the venue is colder or hotter than expected. Take note that even indoor facilities can have huge temperature changes, depending on their HVAC systems. Check if the archery organization has a dress code, so you will be able to practice in it before the competition. It is best that you get into the event with your sleeves not snagging the bowstring and your shoes not hurting.

  • Mark your equipment.

You can put some marks on the parts of your equipment, so that you will be able to know movements between practice and the actual competition. This is a great thing to do when you have an adjustable bow and accessories, so you can know how things work for you—nocking points, sight markings, clicker and anything else that could move when you are trying to hit your mark. At the competition’s venue, check that everything is still on mark.

  • Know the people who will be participating in the event.

The competition’s venue is a great place to meet people on your target, and if you are a beginner, you should mention your status. Experienced  archers are mostly friendly and would often help you figure out the rules and give you some useful tips.

And of course, make sure you know the event’s format and rules, which can include the distance that you will be shooting and the target size. While some archery venues have a few rules that would be easy to get used to with other individuals in a competitive setting, sanctioned events are usually held using rules of a national level. Thus, make sure you know which rules apply to the event that you will be participating.

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