The Bucket-Throwing Backside Carve: Tips and Tricks

The bucket-throwing backside carve is definitely one of the classic  moves in surfing, but it’s also not the easiest. Riding through that perfect wave and doing the beautiful carve can be a showstopper, but even pro surfers take years before they get to find the right method for it.

In fact, you’ll need a lot of practice, technique, and patience to master this move as a beginner, and of course, it would help if you have guidance from the experts.

Pro surfer Josh Kerr has mastered the bucket-throwing backside carve throughout the years and he shares some simple tips to help you do the same.

Find your balance. 

Before you attempt to do a backside carve or any other maneuver, it’s very important to master the basics of standing on your board and keeping your balance because you’re going to need it as you do this technique.

Keep your foot firm as you transition. 

As you approach a wave, make sure to stay solid on your feet and transition your weight from your heel side to your toe side. Make sure that you engage at the right time, so you don’t end up over the wave once you do the backside carve maneuver.

Stay in control of the board. 

The most important step in making that backside curve is having complete control of your board from the moment you engage until you completely pivot your board down and create that carve. With practice, you’ll eventually learn when to shift your weight and how to use your balance so you can stay on your board as you perform the carve.

Engage with power. 

As with doing any type of carve, you need to engage the rail and perform the backside carve with consistent power so you can stay on your board and not lose your balance before, while, and after you pivot.

Keep your eyes focused. 

According to Kerr, it’s very important to keep your eyes focused on where you’d want to go, so that your body follows with it. If you look too far as you make the turn, that could lead to you losing that beautiful carve and just falling off the board.

Mastering the backside carve doesn’t happen overnight. Follow these tips from the pro surfer to  get a good grip of what you need to do to be better at it.

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