How to Dive Against Debris Program by PADI

What is Marine Debris

Marine debris is a global issue that needs serious solutions. Marine animals are killed by millions each year due to marine debris being mistaken as food.

Marine debris not only injures or kills marine animals but also damages their natural habitat, degrades the animals’ quality of life, economic loss for the fishing and maritime industry, and human safety.

Knowing that divers, swimmers, and the human population, in general, are also directly affected by marine debris, PADI launched the Dive Against Debris course. The program was officially launched in 2011 and since then has removed 2 million pieces of trash from waterways.

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What is Dive Against Debris?

Since 2011, the Dive Against Debris program has been one of the most effective ways to spread awareness about marine conservation. The program has also been updated including an e-Learning option providing accessibility and flexibility for divers.

This added feature allows divers to complete the classroom training at their convenience and then complete the dive at their current destination while doing travel diving.

Course Outline

The program educates scuba divers about the dangers of marine debris, then, trains  divers on safe ways to remove marine wastes. Equipped with the new knowledge and tools like gloves, dive knives, and mesh bags, the divers are now ready to collect trash off the water.

Divers will need to sort and report all the collected trash and then properly dispose of it.

Dive Against Debris makes it easier for divers to learn and complete the course at their convenience. The e-Learning feature allows divers to study and complete the program at their own pace, wherever and whenever.

Divers are core protectors of the Earth including the habitats of the blue ocean water. But whether you are a professional diver, swimmer, or beachgoer, we are all responsible to take care of the planet Earth. Without the rich life underwater, diving will not be that satisfying, rewarding, and amazing.

Enroll in the How to Dive Against Debris PADI course. And even if you are not a diver, you can still do your share through beach cleaning or other activities that make the work lighter. Donate,  share awareness, or join in clean-up events, too.

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