Top Diving Destinations With Sea Snakes

The world underwater is unique, rich, and diverse, which most divers look forward to because it offers something new. The  best diving destinations vary from location, from tropical to cold water. The same goes for the creatures that you will encounter underneath.

Sea snakes are sea creatures that are often feared but at the same time have been entertaining scuba divers. 

But have you ever wondered or been interested to know the top diving destinations with these fascinating sea snakes?

Here, you will learn the great destinations to encounter sea snakes during your deep dive adventure.


Come to Australia any time of the year to experience its diverse scuba diving environment. August to early December are the best months to experience the Great Barrier Reef. From New South Wales to Victoria to South Australia, you will be greeted with stunning and diverse underwater life.

Scuba diving adventures in Australia abound. Encounter white tip and grey nurse sharks. Find manta rays and whale sharks when you dive into the waters of this beautiful region in the world. 

Head to Yongala wreck, Port Lincoln, or to the captivating 74 diving locations in New South Wales, the spectacular diving wrecks in Victoria, or packed with marine life diving spots in South Australia to witness these natural wonders.

In Australia, you can find breathtaking destinations and beautiful marine life year-round. Australia is a  diving paradise and it is no wonder that many divers would want to get certified here.


Philippines is an archipelago with thousands of diving destinations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Philippines has something for you. From Luzon to Mindanao, the Philippines is a diver's paradise because of its diverse marine life. 

This South East Asian country is the perfect destination to explore its pristine coral reefs, and encounter whale sharks, manta rays, and of course sea snakes while gaining expertise or honing your scuba diving skills.

Currently, there are about 279 dive sites in the Philippines of which 112 are reefs, 70 are walls, and 44 are drifts. Sunken warships and airplane wrecks in Subic Bay and on the island of Cebu are the perfect homes for fish species and sea snakes.

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