Best Diving Spots in Malaysia (Sabah)

The tagline, “Malaysia, truly Asia” also extends to different diving destinations in the country with the most common found those in the southeastern region of Sabah. The island is packed with different marine life and diving options which vary to suit a wide range of divers.

Although this region is prone to monsoon season, it is up to you to prepare the right  diving gear, equipment and planning before you head out to dive. That’s to ensure that your dive will be safe, and you will have a great time!

With that, here are some of the best diving spots in Peninsular Malaysia.

Lankayan Island

As a tiny island in the northern part of Sandakan City, Lankayan offers only one luxurious resort that caters mostly to divers. However, those who don’t dive may find the rates a bit steep so they’re better off to other nearby islands that are also quite beautiful. Avid divers though will have the time of their lives while in Lankayan. It has some of the best dive spots and diving conditions in Eastern Sabah.

Layang-Layang Island

If you want to see corals and big species of marine animals, this island is your best bet. Although it’s not really an island because it is located on a concrete landing strip with a marine base and resort, that makes it all the more attractive. In addition to that, Layang-Layang’s remote location makes it almost untouched by human population, adding an unspoiled quality to its waters.

Sipadan Island

Last but definitely not the least, this island boasts of pristine waters, long shorelines and of course, amazing marine life! It probably is at the top of every list of the best diving spots in Malaysia despite the fact that divers here can be limited because of restrictions implemented in the number of dives allowed every day. You need a daily permit to explore its waters and it’s not a hindrance at all as you’ll be rewarded with  unforgettable dives. Great experiences does not come that easy, right? 

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