Experience the Excitement of Surfing in Rivers

Have you tried river surfing yet? If not, you are in for a whole unique experience as it’s not just fun but also a thrilling watersports activity.

But first, how did the sport evolved? People who did not have access to ocean waves and are nearer rivers realized that even if there’s no ocean waves nearby, they can actually ride the river waves instead. 

From there, the activity flourished to what it is now and many surfers including those who are used to ocean waves are doing it on rivers too.

Safety precautions when riding river waves

However, river waves are more unpredictable than ocean waves so you need to practice extra safety procedures. Always wear a helmet and a PFD to protect your body from any debris and unexpected hindrance while on the water. It is also important that you have a backup with you; somebody whose only purpose is to watch your back and look out for your safety.

Rivers can be tricky as the waves may suddenly break over bottoms with rocks or waters that are shallow. Always err on the side of caution and prepare for any surprises. Once that is taken care of along with the basic safety precautions, you can enjoy the adventure of riding unique river waves.

Here are 3 of the rivers in the world where you can find some of the best waves for  surfing.

Severn Bore in Gloucester, England

As one of the most famous tidal bore in the UK, the waters here attract several hundred surfers to its waves that reaches up to seven feet and can go on for more or less seven miles. Many popular surfers have been here but one of the most notable is veteran Jack Churchill of World War II.

Snake River in Wyoming, USA

Even though the “Jackson Hole”, the melted water released from the Jackson Lake Dam, is a dangerous surf spot, the fast and steep waves are like those found in the ocean and will be totally worth your time.

Pororoca in Amazon, Brazil

The risky and dangerous waves that this Amazon River produces can reach up to 15 feet and allow surfers to ride up to 30 minutes as it runs along up the river. This Pororoca tidal bore is also powerful as it can destroy everything in its wake within the vicinity of the river.

The same with any kind of water activity, river surfing does have its risks but as long as you are equipped with the  proper gear and knowledge, the experience will be fun and unforgettable.

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