The Great Legends in Archery (Fictional and Real)

Archery has always been an interesting sport that old civilizations were able to recognize early on. Aside from its necessity, it also provided ancient people an avenue where they can show their talent through this activity as a sport. That’s why archers have become famous not just for their skills but also because they have been part of a life-long form of art.

Even fictional characters who are known to be good archers are revered until now. Here are some of the most popular archers both fictional and real:

Lieutenant Colonel Jack Churchill

Armed with a Scottish sword and longbow, he earned the nickname ‘Fighting Jack Churchill’, because of his ferocity in fighting during World War II. Along with his regiment, they ambushed a German patrol and signaled the attack by shooting the enemy with an arrow.

Yue Fei (Chinese Military General – 1103-1142)

As a great archer, one of his known feats was being able to shoot 9 arrows hitting the bullseye in succession with the target at 240 paces away.


As a Norse goddess of bow hunting, there’s no doubt about her archery skills. She hunts wild animals and has skis, bow, and arrows on hand wherever she travels.

Legolas Greenleaf

The most famous elf in the Tolkien universe, Legolas is a master archer and marksman with good looks to boot. That’s why many fans of the Lord of the Rings movie are always looking forward to his scenes. To top it off, there’s no question about his skill as an archer as he once shot down a beast in the dark with just one shot.


Of course, when it comes to hunting in Greek mythology, there’s no other known name than Artemis as she is the goddess of the hunt, the moon and chastity. She’s also the protector of young girls and always has a bow and string of arrows at her back.

Now that you have an idea how great these archers are, would you like to try the sport? You can purchase some of the best archery gear and accessories right here. Point, shoot and enjoy!

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