Archery: Essential Gear and Accessories for Beginners

Since shopping for archery gear can be daunting for most beginners, the ideal course of action is to visit an archery store. There, you’ll be given the proper advice based on the actual fit of accessories on your body and your preferences.

But like most of us where time is limited, what you can do may just be to learn how to choose the best archery equipment from online guides. To help you with that, here are Scuba Choice's archery gear guide along with suggestions of actual products.

Choice of Bow

The recurve bow is the ideal option for beginning archers. Setting it up is easy and you can start shooting right after the set up. Although it comes in varying lengths, choose one that is within two inches of your height. But some archers may prefer a bow than is taller than them which is perfectly okay.

Be aware of the arrow rest (bowstring) as there are some recurve bows that doesn’t come with it. Bowstrings are necessary so that you’ll be able to shoot a bow properly. They only cost around $3-$5 and the ideal length should be up to two inches shorter than your bow.

Arrow Options

Before buying an arrow, you have to know your draw weight and length first. To avoid regrets, go the smartest way instead of the cheapest way.

Safari Choice Archery 33" All Carbon Hunting Arrows, 3 Arrows & Broadhead

If you don’t have time to build your own arrows, there are pros who provide custom build services. They will cut the shafts to the ideal length and then glue the inserts and nocks. In addition, they will also do the necessary fletching for you. But if you are keen on learning how to build your own shafts, a lot of pro archers are more than willing to share their knowledge. All you have to do is approach them and make time to learn the craft.

Other Archery Gear

Finger Tabs
– for those who want more flexibility in their fingers, they can go for this option instead of the gloves. It only covers the palm side of the hand, leaving the fingers free.


 Quiver – these come in different colors. However, what’s more important is the decision to go for the traditional back quiver or hip quiver? For the latter, you won’t be able to see your arrows as you reach out for them as they are placed at your back. For the hip quiver, your arrow nocks will face front so you can see when you grab one.

Gloves – those using recurve bows can make use of gloves as it covers the hand and fingertips completely.

On top of that, we have our own SAFARI CHOICE HUNTING DELUXE ARCHERY UPGRADE COMBO SET which is already complete with all the archer beginner’s needs. Don’t be overwhelmed. Start small and build your way to become an accomplished archer. Meanwhile, enjoy shooting arrows!

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