Top 3 Scuba Diving Spots for a Great Summer Vacation

Summer is officially upon us so it’s just fitting to hunt for the best  scuba diving destinations at this time of year. Here are some of our top picks from around the good old USA.

Point Lobos, Carmel, California

Northern California is already a well-known dive spot among its locals, but the Point Lobos National Park is more special because only 15 divers are allowed to be in the water for a day. It is to ensure that the reef and corals remain preserved without any disturbance. You’ll reach the park 15 minutes from Monterey and you’ll be in for a myriad of sea creatures when diving here. Harbor seals may also surprise you from time to time.

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Ranking 3rd on PADI Network’s favorite scuba diving destinations list and considered by different publications as one of the best places to dive, the Grand Cayman is a must for every diver.

Its visibility is crystal clear that usually ranges from 150′ to 200′ so whether you’re wreck or wall diving, your experience will be second to none. And if you want to enjoy shallow water, their non-diver site such as the Stingray City offer just that with the highlight of coming face to face with large stingrays. These are also perfect if you’re travelling with family and some of them don’t scuba dive.

RMS Rhone, British Virgin Islands

Want to experience wreck diving this summer? Head to BVI to explore the RMS Rhone wreck with its bow still mostly intact. Do it at night because coral formations come to life at this time and it will make for wonderful photos on your IG feed.

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