Types of Fins and How to Choose the Right Fit for You

As with any water sports gear, there are many things to consider before one can enjoy scuba diving to the fullest. The same thing is such when it comes to fins. Aside from design and budget, scuba divers have to decide on the right type of fin too.

Of course, one great option is to personally go to a shop to find one that will fit snugly on your foot. When ordering online, you can consult with the seller first so that you're covered when you need to return your fin for a change of size. But first, we have to understand the different types of fins in order to decide properly.

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Conventional Non-split Fins
As the most popular of all fin types, its features are fairly basic as it includes a blade with ridges that are more flexible at the end part. It will serve best in stronger currents, hence most divers have these in their basic gear stash.

Split Fins
Although priced higher than conventional fins, its advantage is giving better agility and propulsion to divers. Its design is new compared to standard ones as the lengthwise slit is made to split the fin blade into two sections. But the downside is that split fins are less effective during strong currents.

Full Foot Fins
Also called close heeled fins, the entire foot is covered with this fin. It has an opening at the end of the toes and have to be worn barefoot. The same with other scuba diving gear, the fit is very important so it is best to try it on before buying.

These are generally more affordable compared to open heel fins.

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Open heeled Fins
Basically, this type of fin as the name suggests, covers only a portion of the foot with a heel strap used to secure it to the foot. It can be worn barefoot but most divers prefer to put on dive booties first before wearing an open heeled fin. If you want the latter, you will have to bring these dive boots when fitting for an open heeled fin because its thickness will have to be considered to get the proper fit.

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Proper Fit is the Key
When your fin is too loose, it might slip off when hitting or kicking in the water. But if very tight, it might also result to chafes and blisters on your foot when circulation is cut. To ensure that they have enough room but is also not too loose, wiggle your toes during fitting.

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