Shopping for Snorkel Gear? Here's What You Should Look For

So you've finally learned how to snorkel and are eager to go on a beach holiday to use your newly found skills. But don't just throw your clothes into a bag and hop on a plane; before leaving for your trip, make sure to shop for the right snorkeling gear and bring them with you! Some of the things you should have include:

A mask

Many people think they can use regular swim goggles (or use no eyewear at all!) when they go snorkeling, but don't make the same mistake. If you want to clearly see the magical seascape below you, buy a high-quality mask. Unlike swim goggles, it's designed to have a special air pocket that allows your eyes to focus, which means you can see clearly while underwater.

When buying a mask, decide if you'll get a single-lens, split-lens or three- or four-lens model. Of course, choose one that fits your face perfectly and seals well to keep water out. Don't forget to check its straps; they should be wide and comfortable and won't put any pressure on your head and ears.

A snorkel

You have hundreds of options to choose from when buying a snorkel, and there's no “right” and “wrong” choices. The key here is to find something that matches your specific needs and makes you feel comfortable. You can start by deciding what design suits you; you can opt for a basic J-shaped snorkel or a dry top model (which has a seal that prevents water from coming in). You can also choose between soft and pliable silicone mouthpieces or rigid and sturdy PVC ones.

A pair of fins

Having the right fins is important since they let you effectively push against the water without using a lot of muscle power and swim with ease. There are two major options for you to choose from: open-foot fins and closed-foot fins. The former can be worn barefoot or paired with a boot, making them ideal if you're planning to scuba dive and explore deeper, colder waters. They're also a great choice if you frequently get cramps or if you're prone to getting blisters. Closed-foot fins, meanwhile, are cheaper and lighter than open-foot models, making them a great choice if you're on a budget and/or want to travel light.

Use these tips now to buy the right snorkeling gear and enjoy great value for money!

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