1st Jun 2023

Understanding Travel and Diving Insurance

Now that the world has opened its doors again to travelers and wanderers, it is about time to plan that well-deserved diving trip. But other than the complexities of travel requirements, another th …

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21st May 2023

3 Must-Try Diving Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a diver’s paradise not only because of its beautiful waters but also because of the many diving spots that you can choose from, whether you’re a leisure or professional diver. Here are …

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12th May 2023

A Guide to Putting on a Wetsuit Properly

A lot of divers will tell you that putting on a wetsuit can sometimes be more stressful than the actual dive. Squeezing yourself into a tight garment can be challenging, for sure, but it doesn’t hav …

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27th Apr 2023

4 Tips to Prepare for a Cave Diving Excursion

Cave diving is such an adventurous activity, but it’s also filled with a lot of risks. This is why preparation is the key to making sure that you get in and out of a cave safely. Here are four impor …

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28th Mar 2023

Shark Diving is Now Banned in Mexico

If you’re a fan of diving with great white sharks, you’ve probably been to Guadalupe Island just off the west coast of Baja, California. This beautiful island has been a marine reserve since 2005 a …

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