Why Is It Important to be A Self Reliant Scuba Diver?

To be a certified diver, you have to learn the rules, experience the varying underwater conditions, and pass the practical exams. But even with the certificate and license, diving is a continuous learning process.

Learning to dive in different currents, water conditions, navigation, learning how to read maps, adapting to changing conditions and situations, diving on wrecks, corals, and many more.

Depending on your interests, there are plenty of ways to advance your skills, confidence, and competence in diving.

One thing that you need to learn apart from  diving skills is the ability to take care of yourself during diving emergencies. Even with series of courses, training, acquired skills, and gears there will be situations when you will have to take care of yourself or your driving buddy.

Divers must remember that earning a license or certificate to dive is not enough. Earning the ability to dive comfortably and independently is also vital. Regardless if you are planning to guide with a buddy or unguided, you must have the commitment and mental discipline to learn and become a self-reliant diver.

Learning how to take care of yourself underwater during unforeseen circumstances is a must. Although you have buddies or dive professionals with you, understand that you must not rely on them at all times to handle any situations that may arise.

Besides, you do not know your buddy that well and in crucial circumstances, you may be putting your safety or life at risk. Also, when diving with a group of other divers, a guide is responsible for all the lives of the divers in that group, which means the guide’s attention will be divided.

On top of that, the diving guide also oversees and controls buoyancy, air at the same time navigating the interesting spots underwater.

With that, being self-reliant gives you the confidence and comfort in knowing that you can take care of yourself and others in the unlikely event of a diving emergency.

Learning to dive on your own will help you a stronger, wiser, and  better diver in most dive situations.

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