Adaptive Diving Association – How They Support the Physically Challenged Divers

Scuba diving is a physically demanding sport suitable for the fit and able. But today, along with advanced dive planning, diving equipment, and computers, scuba diving has also evolved when it comes to who’s able to do it. Now, almost everyone can dive even the physically challenged individuals.

Yes, you read it right. Scuba diving organizations have made it possible for people with disabilities to experience life underwater. Adaptive diving gives physically challenged individuals the freedom to swim without the restraints of gravity. 

Adaptive Diving Association is one true guild that elevates the lives of people who are facing the challenge of mobility including the veterans who have served the country.

About Adaptive Diving Association

Adaptive Diving Association is a volunteer-based organization that has paved way for the physically challenged community to enjoy the beauty of underwater. But appreciating the world under is just a bonus, as primarily, their objective is to change the quality of lives these men and women experience due to the challenges created by these issues. Through scuba diving, these disabled persons have found renewed confidence, freedom, and new possibilities.

Adaptive Diving Association supports military men and women through their various programs and services ranging from SCUBA skills instructions, the use of adaptive diving equipment, underwater video-photography, and such.

Adaptive Diving Programs

The programs available are designed to accommodate every level of comfort and mobility; to address the individual needs of each diver.

The Adaptive Diving Experience is designed for individuals who want to experience scuba diving as well as the freedom it provides through the zero-gravity environment of water. This program is open for everyone with mobility issues.

The Adaptive Skills Training is suitable for divers who want to become independent underwater.  Basic scuba diving skills are the primary inclusions in this program.

Lastly, the Scuba for Veterans is specially created to accommodate our veterans who aim to restore their self-confidence, self-worth, and independence.

Through these programs, physically disadvantaged men and women will be provided with diving skills fitting for their specific adaptation. And through Adaptive Diving Association, people with disabilities can now heal and enjoy the freedom of movement.

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