Watershed – Keeping Your Stuff Dry Unlike Any Other Bags

The secret of Watershed products relies on the design and construction of these fully submersible dry bags. Those who like to spend more time on water should take care of their gear to avoid getting wet. That is why Watershed has created a way to make this a reality, securing your gear while enjoying the waters.

Here is a list of advantages when using Watershed airtight dry bags.

Waterproof Design Technology

Watershed has created and patented a remarkable product. This is made from a modern waterproof closure system. This is basically an elegant alternative to roll-down bags, which can fail when submerged in water.

Watershed Animas Waterproof Backpack
Price $143.10
State-of-the-Art Fabric

The design of this product has been developed from a fabric that could withstand abrasion for a long period of time. Likewise, it could outlast extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and some exposure to chemicals. This is due to the sheets of polyurethane applied in layers to backpack grade nylon. This will create a fabric that is air-holding with some exceptional qualities of adhesion.

Watershed Westwater Waterproof Backpack
Price $161.10

Experience is Key

With years of experience on raft building and repair, Watershed boasts quality designs unmatched by other products in the market today. This was made possible via radio frequency waves applied to all seams under high pressure that has created extraordinary bond, making it impossible for water to leak into the bag.

Quality Assured Product

After the products are created, each of them goes under inspection to ensure 100% leak resistance. Thus, it would gain customer trust and satisfaction from the products being sold.

Watershed Chattooga Waterproof Duffel Bag
Price $116.10

As critical as keeping electronic equipment dry to function properly upon reaching the destination, it is the commitment of Watershed to have a reliable product to suit your needs. At the same time, keeping essential gear dry could be a matter of survival. In fact, nothing can ever replace the feeling of being secure knowing that your stuff are safely sealed inside an airtight bag.

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