Have you ever thought about promoting our products and get yourself FREE scuba gear, and even make more money!

We just launched our new affiliate program! Here's how it's gonna work:

  • Step 1: Sign up for our affiliate program, setup your payment info (where can we deposit your money)
  • Step 2: You will get an unique link, and you can post it on your social media/email/your friends, family, colleagues, and etc.
  • Step 3: Whenever anyone clicks on your unique link and make a purchase, you will get 12% commission for each sale! The more they buy, more money you get!
  • Step 4: Buy products from, or you can purchase anything you want else where. Do whatever you want with the money you earn from us!

The best part?

Scuba Choice is one of the top scuba gear brand in USA. We also carry other top brands like Scubapro, Seac, Maverick, and etc.

Why partner with Scuba Choice? Join us and you will get access to:

Deal & On sale prices with Branded products
Large volume of SKUs for you to promote
Earn commission like no other scuba brands.
High conversions with exclusive products
Shopping feeds updates daily

And JUST BECAUSE we treat our affiliates like partners :)

Sounds fantastic, right? Hurry up and get started today! (We're only taking the first 50 applicants, so act fast)
Yes Let's Be Partners!

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