Watershed Bags – Guaranteed To Keep Your Gear Dry

Travelling across a body of water can sometimes cause your things to get wet. You can experience this when you are on a boat or kayak trying to get across a stream or river. Moreover, watersport enthusiasts can also experience this as they travel from one place to another. Well, there is nothing to worry about, because  Watershed has a number of products to solve your dilemma. Here are some of the products that you should try.

Animas Backpack

This product not only keeps your gear, as it can also protect your things from spray, unintentional swim or rain. The Animas Backpack from Watershed has filled dimensions of 23” x 15” x 8” with material made out of nylon rip stop and a heavy matte polyurethane finish. It also has a removable or padded shoulder straps as well as waist belt.

Big Creek Day Pack

Those who are looking to pack light can take advantage of the Big Creek with hefty backpack straps to provide a limitless travel experience. This can also keep your gear as dry as possible even when submerged in water. It uses a technology from ZipDry Seal, which presses shut just like a freezer bag.

Aleutian Deck Bag

If you are a kayaker, you should rejoice because Watershed has come up with a product to keep your gear. The said product provides reliability of a dry bag that you can keep at the cockpit of the kayak. It is even a suitable bag for backpacking over mountain passes, as well as the Arctic barrens.

Ocoee Liner

This product guarantees users with top-of-the-line construction of nylon outer shell, polyester interior fleece lining, and closed-cell foam cushioning. The fleece lining inside is also Velcro sensitive, which provides users some partitions to keep each gear in order and separate from each other.

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