Introducing Suunto Watch-sized Dive Computers

The use of a dive computer watch is required to keep track of the depth and the duration of a particular dive. When shopping for high-quality dive watches, you need to consider certain factors. Suunto is one of the dive watch manufacturers that offer high-end products for the modern diver.

Here are some examples of watch-sized dive computers manufactured by Suunto.

Suunto Zoop Novo - boasts of a super-bright back-lit huge display for easy reading and includes five modes (air, nitrox, gauge, free and off), full continuous decompression capabilities, and apnea timer for freediving, as well as a timer in air/nitrox modes. Available in Black, Lime and Blue Colors.

T Series – this model was among the most advanced heart rate monitors. Other features include an altimeter based on air pressure, rate-to-rate recording of heart rate, calculation of training and EPOC effect, as well as support for POD devices that would measure distance and speed.

Ambit Series – arguably, this series is the most advanced sport watches manufactured by Suunto. The advanced features include ABC-functions, GPS, advanced training functions, rechargeable battery, and updatable software.

D4I Novo - The Suunto D4i Novo features four modes (air, nitrox, free and off), full continuous decompression algorithm - Suunto RGBM and innovative apnea timer, and a timer in air/nitrox modes. This redesigned model also has a built-in dive planner and an optional wireless air integration. It's lightweight, easy to use and comes in various attractive colors.

Elementum Aqua – this one is crafted superbly and exclusively manufactured in Finland. It is made of stainless steel case with sapphire glass that would provide the depth, surface and dive time, and dive log. This design combines the heritage of craftsmanship that functions as a high-tech diving watch.

The Aqua modern is also perfect for casual or underwater use, which transforms into a dive watch. It also has a smart technology that would detect when the user submerges into the water, as it would begin all the measurements and functions to make the dive more enjoyable.

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