Top Diving Sites In Burma (Myanmar) You Don’t Want To Miss

Black Rock

One of the marvelous dive spots in the archipelago of Mergui in Burma is called Black Rock. It has an excellent range of reel life and abundance in huge pelagic, which include bull sharks, blacktips, manta rays, and gray reef sharks. You may also find some soft coral formations once you venture into the deeper waters.

Western Rocky

At just 80km from the coast in Myanmar, the Western Rocky provides a way for you to enjoy your vacation more. This is due to the fact that the place has an abundance of activities, such as  great wall diving, surrounding pinnacles, and a sloping reef. You can get into the tunnel that leads into the island with lots of crayfish and sleeping nurse sharks.

Of course this is because Burma is one of the best spots when you are looking for sharks. You can actually see gray reef sharks, blacktips, whitetips, and even bull sharks all over the place.

High Rock

You should be lost for words the moment you see the variety of gentle reefs and steep drops surrounding the small island. Due to its depth of 18-25m, High Rock provides an abundance of cup corals and soft corals, particularly when you go deeper into the sea.

Seahorses are also another attraction, as they hang on remnants of fishing nets. Others are found hiding in corals. This should be an easy destination, as it is just 35mi from Kawthaung. Moreover, this spot is a common diving destination, particularly during the last day of a trip.

North East Little Torres

This place is just a small island amidst the deep water and healthy coral reef. This is the location where you can easily see large pelagic fish, which include the devil rays, the smaller relative of the manta ray.

Burma Banks

Situated at some 180km northwest of the Similan Islands, the Burma Banks are composed of seamounts. Its surrounding waters have a depth of not more than 300m in which the top of the banks would rise to within 15-24m of the surface. This used to be one of the  best shark dives in the world, considering the large population of the silvertips. However, the reefs became much less active due to fishing in recent years.

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