New to Paddleboarding? Here’s How to Start Properly

Paddleboarding is such an exciting activity that is if you learn to do it right. But if you’re just a beginner, standing up on that paddleboard can be quite a struggle.

So, here are some tips that can help you get better as a paddleboarder in no time.

  • Don’t be afraid to fall. It will happen even to the experts, so don’t be afraid to fall in the water. This is why you need strong swimming skills or wear a life jacket for added protection, especially if you’re still learning to paddleboard. Learn to be comfortable with losing your balance and jumping into the water.
  • Learn on dry land first. Before you hit the water, try to find a soft spot on land where you can place your paddle board and stand on it, so you get a feel of your board and how you should place your foot properly. This will make it easier to find your balance and keep your feet on the board once you’re in the water.
  • Practice getting on and off the board. This can be a huge challenge for beginners, but with consistent practice, you’ll get on and off your board with ease quickly. It’s all about finding your balance and using your body’s weight properly, so you can slide off into the water and pull yourself back on it.
  • Learn on the beach. Before you tread more challenging waters for paddleboarders, it’s best to learn on a safe spot like the beach where it’s easier to get on and off your board. Don’t try to “walk” onto your paddle board when you’re starting out. Climb or hop onto it instead and find your balance.
  • Don’t stand up right away. No one starts paddleboarding and stands up straight in one try. Instead, you can paddle while sitting down just so you get the feel of your balance and how to control your board. As you get more used to being on it, you can practice standing up to be more confident as you paddle.

Are you ready to become a better paddleboarder with these tricks?

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