Top 3 Ideal Diving Destinations for March

March is when we are finally getting over winter but is not yet fully on to spring. So what better to do than go away on a scuba diving excursion? You can scurry to the Maldives and Indonesia but the sun is going up so soon on these locations that what you’ll get to experience is more of the scorching heat instead.

So diving in March during the Easter holidays is also ideal in the Caribbean especially for families or group of friends. Here are some of our top picks for ideal diving destinations during March.

Cayman Islands – there’s the Bloody Bay that provides some of the best wall dives around the world. Another interesting site to explore is Jackson’s Bay which can bring you right into the Big Blue by way of an inner sand belt. With clear visibility down to 100 ft., it’s no wonder that many divers from beginner to pros take great excitement in diving here.

Belize – although the popularity of the iconic Blue Hole precedes this diving destination, there is more to this small island in Central America. Having the second largest barrier reef is one of the main draws for avid divers. Add to it the friendliness of its people and its vast rainforest with amazing creatures, there is certainly something not just for divers but for everybody travelling in a large group.

Yucatan Peninsula – located in the south-eastern part of Mexico, this diving destination for March serves as the divider between the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. As such, its long stretches of coastline not just provides relaxing views and strolls, it is also a haven for adventurous diving.

These three are just the tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds of other diving destinations that you can choose from. Whatever your choice, just be sure that you are equipped with the right scuba diving equipment and accessories to ensure a safe, fun dive.

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