Bowfishing Gear and Accessories Buying Guide

Bowfishing is a unique recreational activity that requires the use of archery tools in shooting and retrieving a fish. If you are interested in this kind of sport, it is essential for you to learn about what kind of equipment to purchase. Use this guide to help you decide which bowfishing gear and accessories you should choose.



While it is totally up to you what model and build you should opt for given your body type and comfort level, there are various types of bows used in bowfishing that you must consider. The first one is called a recurve bow, a long, curved apparatus designed for spontaneous shooting. It weighs between 40 to 50 pounds and is very easy to use. Since the recurve bow is the cheapest among the group, beginners are recommended to choose this bow. One important note in buying this type is to check that a stabilizer hole is present.

Another type of bow is called a compound bow, a shorter device which comes with a let off or not let off. When a compound bow has a let off, it means that it has the slowest shooting speed; the one with the no let off, on the other hand, has a slightly slower speed than that of a recurve bow. While the compound bow is considered to be energy-efficient, it is not suitable for beginners. This type is perfect for the skilled fish hunters who are looking for top-notch velocity, humidity resistance, and temperature resistance.


The arrows used by bowfishers are made from fiberglass, making them stronger than other types in the market. High-end versions are also available, utilizing carbon fiber, carbon-fiber-enforced fiberglass, and aluminium to construct it. Remember that bowfishing arrows typically do not have flecthing. To avoid mis-hits on the fish and injuries on yourself, it is best for you to buy a safety slide that fit perfectly on the arrow.



To have a smooth-sailing bowfishing session, only purchase lines made from braided Dacron, Spectra, or nylon. These are considered to be the toughest and the most ideal for the sport and you will never go wrong with a line made with any of the aforementioned


If you are a beginner, it is highly suggested for you to purchase the hand-wrap type being the simplest of the three kinds of bowfishing reels. It can be taped on to a bow easily and is cheap, perfect for those who are still learning the sport. Another type that is perfect for beginners is the retriever reels that do not require much effort and work from the person using it. Although slightly more expensive than the hand-wrap type, this variation is perfect since it has a bottle holding the line in place.

Fishers who are advanced can opt for the spincast reels, which are faster and more precise than the other two mentioned above.



To hold your arrow in place, you will need a good rest. If you are looking for ease of use and fair price, you can opt for a roller rest. If, however, you are looking for accuracy of shooting especially at peculiar angles, you can buy the Whisker Biscuits. Prepare to splurge a larger amount of cash though because the latter is more expensive than the roller rest.


Although there are people who can shoot fish without glasses, it is still highly advisable for you to get one so that you get a good view of your target. During sunny days, wearing a polarized shades can make a big difference when bowfishing as they lessen the glare coming out from the sun. If you intend to go bowfishing at night, though, glasses can be out of the picture. 

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