The Top Diving Sites in the Philippines

Without a doubt, the Philippines is one of the best diving destinations in the world, where local and foreign divers visit to get the best dive experience. Here are the top diving sites in this beautiful country:

  • Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental

Authorities ensure that this island always lives up to the world-class diving standards that it has been known for. As you can see, there are initiatives put in place to make it one of the best protected and most well-documented marine sanctuary in the country.

  • Barracuda Lake, Coron Island, Palawan

A seemingly underrated dive site, this lake is full of alien underwater landscapes and sharp thermoclines that make for a great diving experience. Adding to the excitement is the legend of a monster-sized, centuries-old barracuda that is said to live in the waters.

  • Anilao, Batangas

This place is a favorite diving destination among divers based in Manila, as there are dozens of dive sites here that offer good weekend dives. This place is known to have good diving conditions all year round, where you do not need to go far to enjoy fantastic underwater landscapes and incredibly rich marine life.

  • Monad Shoal, Malapascua, Cebu

This place is flocked by divers from all over the world to see the oddly-shaped, but elegant, thresher sharks that are often seen breaching the waters off the island. Aside from these sharks, you will also spot some manta rays that would take over the shoal.

  • Tubbataha Reef National Park, Sulu Sea, Palawan

This national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a variety of marine species, including colorful fishes, corals, sharks, dolphins and whales. More than being a fantastic and valuable dive site, Tubbataha Reef plays an important role in the world’s underwater ecology.

Now, are you in for the best diving experience in the Philippines? You should start with the dive sites on this list!

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