How to Shop for Surfing Suits?

When purchasing a suit for surfing, you will have a few things to consider before you go shopping. Good surfing suits are not cheap, which means that you have to make sure you make the best investment by looking into the following aspects:

  • Size and Fit

Take note that manufacturers use the same letter descriptions for the size charts of their surfing suits. As fit is incredibly important, you need to know exactly your height, hip, bust (for ladies) and waist measurements before buying. Also, you have to decide whether you are going for long or short sleeve suit. For good-quality short sleeve suits, you can check out our Maui & Sons 3/2mm Neoprene Short Sleeve Surfing Suit. It comes as a fluid flex type with zipper closure on the back and smooth skin chest panel.

  • Type

When it comes to surfing suits, there are a number of types to choose from, including simple vests and full suits. Basically, your choice depends on the conditions that you will be surfing in. For example, a semi-dry suit is not a wetsuit and works by preventing cold water from reaching your skin, which means that it is best for extreme conditions. There are also heated suits, which are wetsuits that have a heating element warming your core throughout your activity.

  • Thickness of Neoprene

You should learn about the lettering on the suits relates to the thickness of neoprene, such as the difference between a “3/2” and a “6/5/4”. For example, you can check out our Maui & Sons 3/2 mm Neoprene Long Sleeve  Surfing Suit and know what the product is all about.


Seams can be sealed and stitched in various ways, so you might want to familiarize yourself with methods, such as blindstitch, overlocked, flatlock, spot taped and liquid taped, as these can affect flexibility and warmth.

For the best choices on surfing suits, you can check out our collection here at Scuba Choice.

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