Take a Shot at These Bowfishing Gifts

Many like to think that bowfishing is just like bowhunting. You can see it that way until you realize that to bowfish means to use a bow specifically made for that purpose and a set of supplies, making it a whole different sport.

Any archer who takes it to the water will greatly appreciate bowfishing gifts they can use for their beloved hobby. You can certainly start looking here.

A Marriage of Two Sports

Bowfishing is fishing and bowhunting combined: you shoot or hunt the fish with your bow and arrow. Indeed, the roots of bowfishing can be traced to bowhunting as they shared the same forefathers.

The first-ever bowfishing gear used in the sport was credited to Fred Bear who is considered as the father of modern-day bowfishing and bowhunting in 1958, according to the Bowfishing Association of America.

It’s a seasonal sport with annual tournaments held such as the U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship for the enthusiasts and pros.

Three Things for Bowfishing

You don’t need to hunt down equipment to make your friend or family member happy with your bowfishing gifts. They are right here.

What you need to consider:

  1. Bow
  2. Reel
  3. Arrow

The bow is the central piece of the sport’s equipment. Compound bows, recurve brow or the traditional longbow can be used in the sport. Again, while you can use your gear for bowhunting, it might not be as flexible as the bow made for bowfishing.

Next is the fishing reel. There are many styles to choose from but its primary purpose is to reel the fish in. Examples are spincast reels that work well for beginners, retriever reels come with the bottle, and handwrap drum reels known for their simplicity.

Bowfishing arrows are made heavier so they can penetrate their target well and deep. They are often made in fiberglass or carbon. Regardless of the make, arrows used in bowfishing are judged based on their straightness and durability (or ability to withstand stress).

Buying Bowfishing Gifts

This is just some of the basic equipment for bowfishing. For anything, feel free to browse this website for some of the most worthwhile bowfishing gifts you can give to your loved ones. Happy shopping!

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