Who’s Looking for Archery Gifts for Christmas?

Holidays are taking over and gift-giving is certainly part of this merry-making season. Of course, it can be nerve-wracking to shop gifts for everyone with them have different tastes and hobbies. You would want to give something nice and well-thought-of to show you really care.

For adventure-loving friends, you can certainly give them something that they can use in their day-to-day practice. If you have friends who are into archery or about to engage in this worthwhile hobby, then that’s one item ticked off your list.  

The Ancient Art of Archery

Archery has evolved with humans. From the crude bows and arrows with pines and flints to the modern ones with bracers and what-not. It’s both an art, a science, and a sport.

Indeed, recent movies seemed to have rekindled people’s interest in this ancient sport. This is confirmed by a 20-percent spike in Americans participating in bowhunting and archery events in 2015, according to the Archery Trade Association.

A Guide to Archery Gifts

If you are still in doubt on which item to pick, you can start with the basics:

The Bow

  • Bows come in different styles for different purposes. For instance, people who aim for the Olympics use the modern recurve, those who want to be Robin Hood get the recurve or traditional longbow, or the compound bow for those into bowhunting.

The Arrow

  • Arrows are not one-size-fits-all; their size primarily depends on a person’s (a) draw length, which measures your arm span and It is the measurement of his/her arm span and dividing it by 2.5; (ii) age, and (iii) height.

The Quiver

  • It is the perfect place to store and hold arrows. This quiver, for instance, is made for the crossbow and compound bow arrows.

Shopping for Archery Gifts Tips

ows and/or arrows require exact measurements so they can be tricky to purchase; the guidance of someone who knows about archery is most helpful.

If budget is not a problem for you, a bow-and-arrow set that has everything from the basics to the accessories like strings would just be perfect. This saves you on the back-and-forth on what to buy for your beloved archer. 

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