New Trends In Scuba Diving Gear 2019

The rising popularity of water sports such as flyboarding, jet skiing, scuba diving, and wakeboarding is inevitable. Thus, the increase in interest in scuba diving and recreational water sports activities become a driving factor for the global market in scuba diving equipment.

The major products that account for almost 46% of the market are bags and apparel. In fact, according to a research it is expected to increase by 2022.

  • Diving Helmet

The design of this helmet might look futuristic and it even seemed like a gear for a new sci-fi movie. However, it is in fact a helmet-mounted rebreather. This equipment is set to revolutionize the scuba diving activity for the next generation.

Moreover, it is pressure-resistant in which the ears of the diver will be protected against pressurization. It even reduces the risk of barotraumas that affect the sensitive portion of the inner ear.

The helmet will also be using Bluetooth technology, allowing scuba divers to communicate with each other. At the same time, it provides LED lights mounted on the helmet to facilitate activities such as cave diving, night diving, and wreck diving.

  • Underwater GPS With 3D Dive Site Maps

It was announced by a Swedish manufacturer that a gadget will be added to the gear so that the diver will be able to share information, such as air supply status and location, via ultrasonic, sub-aquatic networks. This device will be integrated with the air supply of the diver and be able to communicate with nearby units via ultrasonic hydrophones.

The said tool will be able to provide the air supply, depth, name, position, and temperature of 70 other divers along the 100m range. The moment a diver runs low on air, the network and the boat on the surface will receive an alert. Likewise, divers can broadcast distress signals manually should they need help.

  • Dive Computer

A best friend is always there for you, just like the dive computer. You might have spent a lot of time diving and enjoying the wonders of the ocean, but you might have missed the essential dive table calculations.

Basically, a dive computer will take the time and depth information to be applied to a decompression model. This will track the nitrogen dissolved in your body when diving. It combines the depth gauge, timer, and a submersible pressure gauge, which helps you to determine how much dive time you safely have left.

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