Tips in Buying a Prescription Dive Mask

Diving will no longer be fun once you discover that everything within your line of sight is starting to get blurry. You cannot enjoy the breathtaking underwater beauty simply because you have become visually challenged.

Your situation, however, should not hinder you from pursuing your love for diving. After all, you can still read the dive computer and see the lovely marine life with a prescription dive mask. But before you buy one for yourself, here are some important things that you need to take note of.

You have to understand that objects you see underwater will appear larger and closer than they are because light behaves differently in water. Even if you think you have perfect eyesight, your vision will become distorted and your hand-eye coordination will suffer.

People with 20/20 vision on land are legally blind underwater because of how differently light works when in contact with water.

Being nearsighted or farsighted on land means you need to get a prescription mask in order to steer clear of blurry vision. Your grade must be adjusted however to another prescription to cover for the distance between your eyes and your diving mask lenses.

Once you have understood how dissimilar the eyeglass prescription is from the scuba mask lenses, now is the time for you to learn about the guidelines in purchasing the perfect goggles for you.

Bonded Corrective Lenses

Cheaper than the other variations, this type works with the corrective lens attached on the inner side of the dive mask lens. A lens is ground to the spectacles, is shaped to fit the basic mask lens, and is then bonded inside the mask. The process will take around seven to ten days. Remember that it is important for you to know your exact glasses and mask prescriptions to avoid any problems later on.

Although the bonded corrective lenses are inexpensive, it weighs more compared to other types. A full field view also cannot be guaranteed because the lenses may not be cut in the exact same shape as the mask lens. Take note that the bonded type is not advisable for those with astigmatism and strong glasses prescriptions.

Custom Prescription Lenses

The good thing about this type is the fact that the mask lens is replaced with a piece of glass that is personalized according to your prescription. It is more expensive than the bonded lens but it proves to be the best option for people with strong prescriptions. It is also a lot lighter than the bonded prescription and provides a wide, full view of the underwater world.

Drop-In Lens

If you think that custom lenses are the best for your scuba mask, think again. With the drop-in lens, you can have your lenses easily removed and then drop in a pre-made corrected lens. Think about ease of use and trouble-free replacement of one lens to another. The good thing is that you can purchase the drop-in lens by yourself and carry out the removal and replacement on your own. Take note, however, that this will not work for you well if you have strong prescriptions or if you suffer from astigmatism. Nevertheless if you are interested in this type, ask about the bifocal options from your supplier.

There you have it, your guide to purchasing the perfect dive mask for you. Just remember that before actually buying one, you have to visit your eye doctor to have your sight examined. Having your vision checked will help you ensure that your prescription is accurate. Happy shopping and enjoy your next underwater adventure

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