Scuba Diving Prescription Mask: How to Choose the Right One

Not because your vision is no longer as good as before that you can stop doing what you love the most - scuba diving. With scuba diving prescription masks now available, you won't have to worry if you are struggling to read your dive computer, or see the gauges clearly. You just need to choose the right  prescription goggles for scuba diving.

How to choose the right prescription mask

Identify what ails you - exactly

Are you farsighted or nearsighted? Identifying the problem in the first place would definitely help narrow down your options. So, instead of a wide range of prescription goggles, you only need to choose those designed for farsightedness or nearsightedness.

If it's the former, some of your options include  Scuba Blue Dive Mask Farsighted Prescription RX 1/3 Optical Lenses, Scuba Blue Dive Mask Farsighted Prescription RX Optical Full Lenses, and Camouflage Dive Purged Mask Farsighted Prescription RX 1/3 Optical Lenses.

Know the type of lens that you need

The sphere part of your prescription will tell you your lenses’ measurement. Prescription on negative lenses range from -8.0 to -1.5, while positive lenses range from +1.0 to +4.5. Knowing this vital information is the best way to really get down to specifics.

The Scuba Black Dive Mask Farsighted Prescription Rx 1/3 Optical Lenses, for instance, has positive lenses with a measurement of +1.0 to +4.0. The Camouflage Dive Purged Mask Nearsighted Prescription Rx Optical Lenses, on the other hand, has negative lenses with sizes ranging from -10.0 to -1.5.

See that it fits

With the technical aspects aside, you can then focus on the aesthetics and ergonomics. Which prescription mask suits your personality and personal taste? Should you go for a Palantic Pink Jr. Prescription Dive Mask or a Scuba Black Dive Mask?

How comfortable is it to wear the mask? It's no good when the straps are digging into your skin, or that the goggles are obstructing your view. So make sure to put them on before buying them, or refer to exact measurements, if you're buying online. If necessary, buy essential add-ons, such as the  Scuba Choice Diving Silicone Dive Mask Strap or the Scubapro Frameless Mask Strap Replacement Buckle Kit. 

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