Hunting Bow Package, Anyone?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything with you as you go hunting? With the Compound Bow Set Package from Safari Choice, all that you need is neatly found in one carry bag.

Never has it been made easier to hunt different kinds of game with this package. The entire set contains the following:

Safari Choice Hunting Archery Deluxe Compound Bow Set Package

Price $499.98

  • arrow rest
  • arrow quiver
  • Allen key combo
  • bow carry bag
  • bow sight
  • bow release
  • bow sling
  • bow stabilizer
  • bow stand
  • compound bow
  • D-rope
  • fiberglass arrows
  • limp damper set
  • peep sight
  • string wax
  • Target paper

The proper bow size is important for an effective hunt. This is why draw length is such a critical factor to consider and what’s nice about this set from Safari Choice is that the length is adjustable between 19 to 30”. Draw weight also figures much in being comfortable with equipment and this package is suitable for weights between 15 to 70 pounds. With this compound bow package, you can hunt for small or even large game.

Safari Choice has packed a lot of essentials into this package. It has the usual bow, arrow and sight but also a whole lot more. Being able to carry all of the equipment in just one container is also answered by the inclusion of a carry bag.

With fiberglass as the material used for the arrows, you can guarantee that they are not just tough but also durable. Fiberglass arrows are also heavy which allows them to make a deeper penetration. Given their strength, this kind of arrow makes a popular choice for those who are still new to bowhunting – no fear about breaking an arrow!

So if you want a complete hunting archery package that is also durable and of high quality, get the Safari Choice Hunting Archery Deluxe Compound Bow Set Package from Scuba Choice!

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