Scuba Diving Fun: What are the Creatures to See Underwater?

Part of the fun and excitement when exploring underwater is the opportunity to see different fishes up close. While many divers bask in the tranquility of the waters underneath, some are also in it due to the beauty of marine life.

There are just so many types of fishes to mention in one post, so we’re just going to discuss 3 of the most popular. While we want to highlight the usual fishes you’ll get to see underwater, their presence will also depend on weather and the specific location that you’re diving.


These are mostly herbivorous mammals who usually like to sleep, eat, and keep to themselves. However, there are times that they want to play and seek human contact. Also called ‘sea cows’ due to their cow-like appearance, they have small flippers with small bones that act as little fingers and arms.

There are laws that regulates what you can and cannot do with manatees but if you’re lucky, they’ll be with their playful mood when you meet them.


Each fish, like humans, have their own respective personalities. Some maybe outgoing while others are introverts. Some may love the daylight while others come out at night and love to play with other creatures.

The parrotfish is one such type and they come in hundreds of different species. All of these species are amusing to watch as they love to prance around; scaring and goofing with other fish. Those in tropical waters can grow up to one or two feet.

An entire dive won’t be a waste even with just watching them buzzing around. Yes, they are that entertaining! Their habit of eating corals and then pooing sand is hilarious too.

Yellowhead Jawfish

You will see them emerge from a hole on the underwater ground and slowly swim vertically in the water. But if they think there’s danger or you get too close to them, they will instantly retrace back to their hole at lightning speed! But take note of the way they go backwards at that speed, it is certainly fascinating to watch!

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