Want to Know Our Top 3 Winter Diving Destinations this Year?

As winter is once again upon us, most people are now planning on where to get their dose of warmth from places glowing with sunshine. But there are also those more adventurous souls who want to bask under the sun while enjoying the beauty of marine life.

So where to head out for great diving during winter season? Below are our top three picks for the best winter dive destinations for this year:


Divers are always looking for new sites where they can have a refreshing take on rich, underwater life. Some of the popular places in Tanzania where they flock are Zanzibar, Pemba Island, Lake Tanganyika, Mafia Island, and Mnemba Atoll. The country is not just perfect for those looking for an offbeat location but provides a myriad of sea creatures too since it is flanked by oceans on all sides. In addition, divers favor it for its bearable temperature despite the winter months.

Cayman Islands

The sheer number of sites and activities in the Cayman Islands can be overwhelming even to the most experienced of divers out there. From the Grand Cayman to Little Cayman as well as the Cayman Brac, there is something for every type of diver! They have a whopping 365 diving sites in total which include reefs, walls, and wrecks all in the mix. In fact, unique underwater pursuits such as advanced DPV, freediving, and rebreather diving adventures can also be experienced there.

What makes it more attractive to diving enthusiasts is that the water’s visibility can reach up to 150 feet and the temperature is usually mild (78-82°F year-round) despite winter months.


We skipped the Bahamas and choose Bonaire instead as our third pick because you deserve something new on this list. And why not when diving is a big part of this spirited desert island that comes with energetic near-shore reefs?

Since it’s not far from South America, the island’s temperature usually doesn’t rise above 85°F during summers or fall below 70°F during winters. Visibility can range between 50-100 feet which you can easily enjoy almost anywhere in the island. Drive on their cactus-lined roads and pull up for a dive whenever it hits your fancy regardless of the weather. Now, that’s something you can’t enjoy on other diving locations, right?

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