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As one of the most reliable scuba diving equipment manufacturer out there today, it is not a question of why we carry Scubapro products in our line but how do we go about selling them?

We want you to make each of your diving experience safe without having to break your wallet. That's why, we only offer high quality Scubapro diving gear at the most reasonable prices. We strive to eliminate in-betweens so that our price margins are lesser when compared to competitors.

Take a look at the kinds of Scubapro equipment we have and notice how prices are so affordable compared to others.

Scuba Choice Palantic Open Heel Rubber Dive Fins with Bag, Pink
Price $69.98

Hybrid Socks w/Non Slip Sole - Black (2016)
Price $32.00

Scubapro 2-Gauge In-Line Console (PGpsi DGft)
Price $172.00

Scubapro AIR2 V GEN Alternate Inflation Regulator /BC Inflator
Price $257.00

Everflex 1 mm Men's Long Sleeve - Black/Gray
Price $107.00
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