Rounding Up Our Top Picks for Surfing Gear This Month

There’s still nothing quite like the adrenaline of riding those huge waves on a surfing trip. But if you’re serious about this unique water sport, you should invest in the right products to really take your experience to the next level. Here are  our top picks:

Maui and Sons 3/2mm Boy’s Neoprene Long Sleeve Surfing Suit

This long sleeve surfing suit is a great option because it has a smooth skin chest panel, a zipper closure on the back and a fluid flex top sleeve and under arm. This allows you to move freely in the water comfortably while still getting the protection you need.

Surf SUP Strap Paddle Board Carry System

This SUP strap system makes it easy for you to carry your surfboard like a bag. It features two heavy duty quick release loops that hold your board together and a thick padded shoulder strap that makes carrying your board more convenient. You can also use this strap system to hang your surfboard for storage.

Doc’s Pro Plugs

It is simply the best surf earplugs that you’ll find in the market today and it’s a must-have for any surfing trip because it keeps cold water out of your ear canal keeping you from getting exostosis.

Palantic Surfing Blue Leash with Neoprene Ankle Cuff and Swivel Joints

If you’re looking to replace your old leash, this is the best one you can find. The Palantic Surfing Blue Leash features a wrist and leg Neoprene cuff, a high-strength polyurethane leash cord and a dual anti-tangle swivel system that keeps the leash away from the leg.

FCS Poncho Changing Towel

If you don’t like changing in public places, this will help solve your problem. This poncho changing towel allows you to get in and out of your surf wear comfortably even if you don’t have access to a proper shower room.

RinseKit POD

If you can’t find any shower room after a surf session, pack your own portable shower with the RinseKit POD that gives you up to four minutes of good water pressure.

Are you ready to start shopping for these surfing must-haves?

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