Take Care of Your Scuba Diving Accessories With These Practical Tips

If you’re a diving enthusiast and you finally have a lot of time in your hands with the quarantine going on, how about giving your scuba diving accessories a much-needed love with these practical tips?

Clean and dry your gear properly

It’s considered best practice for every diver to rinse his gear with fresh water as soon as possible. But if you haven’t been following this, this is the time to clean your gear thoroughly using a garden hose or by rinsing them in your bathtub. You can also buy a shampoo for your  wetsuit to help remove salt water and debris that could damage it.

Soak your regulator in fresh water to remove all traces of salt water. After washing your diving accessories, leave them to try in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage to your equipment.

Practice proper storage

After cleaning and drying your gear, it’s very important to store them properly while you’re not using them. With the ongoing quarantine, it could take weeks before you can dive again, so make sure that your diving accessories are properly stored. Position your cylinder upright or lying down but avoid storing it when either full or empty.

Store your wetsuit by simply hanging it up on a wetsuit hanger. Never use wire hangers because they can cause marks and creases on your suit. If you can’t hang it, roll it rather than folding. Your diving mask should be kept in a hard case to protect from scratches and fins, snorkels and regulators should also have their proper storage.

When things get better and you can already go back outside, make sure to take your  scuba diving gear to a dive shop for servicing and maintenance. This has to be done annually to make sure that your diving accessories stay in good shape for a long time.

If you notice anything wrong with your gear, have it checked as soon as possible so you don’t run into any more problems while on the water.

Although you probably miss diving already, taking care of your gear is the next best thing to do while the quarantine is going on.

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