Recent Updates in the Scuba Diving and Surfing Community

It is quite moving to think about how the scuba diving community has struggled during the coronavirus pandemic. But recent updates in the dive community can help mitigate the burden that scuba divers need to bear during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Vaccinated travelers can now omit test requirements

Travelers already vaccinated can now omit the negative COVID-19 test result when entering The Bahamas. This took effect on May 1, 2021, provided they are fully vaccinated and went over the 2-week immunity period. Moreover, the curfew hours are also modified from 8PM to 10PM.

As the leading dive destination, the Bahamas can once again offer a safe diving experience for both seasoned and first-time divers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

French Polynesia will reopen for tourists

Effective May 2021, the island nation of French Polynesia will once again open its borders to tourists. So, any traveler over the age of 11 years old will have to submit a negative RT-PCR COVID test result taken within 3 days before the flight.

Since the ideal season for tourists to go scuba diving in the country goes from May to October, this is great news for scuba enthusiasts around the world. As one of the top dive destinations on the planet, local and foreign visitors can now enjoy a safer diving experience.

Shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to The Bahamas

On March 10, a total of 20,000 vaccines were donated by the Indian government to The Bahamas. This only means that residents of this top diving destination will have the opportunity to stay safe while engaging in the active sport of  scuba diving.

Full reopening of Australia to foreign tourists

There will be a staggered reopening of the borders of Australia to vaccinated travelers in 2022. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that this is intended for those who are vaccinated to be able to move and travel within the country.

Those who will travel abroad will be allowed for business and personal emergencies. However, they will only undergo quarantine when they return home to the country. This plan is also intended to reopen the economy by relaxing the restrictions to schools, restaurants, retail stores, and cafes.

Likewise, it aims to allow larger gatherings of up to 20 people in certain venues like cinemas and galleries. Moreover, larger gatherings of up to 100 people will be permitted and travel to the interstates will also be allowed.

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