LOOK: 4 Boating Accessories That You Can’t Have Without

Whether you plan to go sailing or fishing, going on any boating adventure requires preparation. You likely have consulted guides for the weather and have packed everything you will need - food, clothes, supplies, etc.

But have you run a proper check on your boat? Has it been properly covered and protected to ensure its performance? Do you have boating accessories that you keep handy at all times?

Here are four accessories that are essential to your boat and its usefulness.

1. All Purpose Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins like this are used for anything - cover the boat, set up a tent, protect tools and equipment from the weather, etc.

With the draft, rain and other elements, it’s safe to keep tarps for their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Tarps can stay long without costing you more.

2. Cloth Clamp

If you are sewing your own boat cover, you will need a cloth clamp. Cloth clamps allow you to hold the marine fabric and position it to cover your boat snugly.

You can also use the cloth clamp for setting up a tent and even a shade sail at home.

3. Snap Hooks

They are basic accessories that you must have wherever you go boating. Stainless-steel snap hooks are used for tie-downs, e.g. when you are transporting it on a trailer and securely holding the boat in place.

You can also use snap hooks for cables and wires and boat top needs.

4. Press Fastener

As you might have realized, boat covers keep your boat duly protected. And a press-fastener such as this stud maker helps you find the right stud for your boat cover snaps.

This tool is also handy when you are repairing your boat cover or replacing snaps.

So, always take care of your boat and make sure you have these tools in your shed or wherever your boating adventure takes you. 

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