Top 3 Diving Gear You Should Get This New Year

The new year ushers in new adventures in the depths of the ocean and sea. Where will your fins take you this time? With new and secluded diving sites waiting to be discovered, that can only mean having a top-notch diving gear to give you the best time underwater.

New Diving Gear This New Year

Out with the old, in with the new. This year might be about time to change into new scuba gear to replace the old, well-worn ones that have accompanied you in countless diving escapades.


The perfect fit spells comfort and warmth while diving. However, wetsuits lose their elasticity over time and after each dive, actually. Wetsuits who are predominantly made from neoprene, are expected to have a useful life of five years.

It’s about time to replace your wetsuit if (i) you have outgrown your old one, (ii) it has damages, and (iii) it gives off smell because of salt, sea particles, and body odors that cling to the suit.

For your next wetsuit, find one that is made of super elastic neoprene.


Aside from the wetsuit, fins are second on the list of oft-not-replaced scuba gear. They are the reason you can move, propel, and thrust in and out of the water.

You are most likely to replace your fins when you lose one. But another practical reason to buy a new pair is when they become less efficient and more cumbersome to wear, or when something better comes along.

When shopping for fins, look for a pair that is durable and comfortable.


It is the BCD, or buoyancy control device, that allows you to move freely and weightlessly under water. BCDs are usually serviced every year, doing the whole check on holes, leaks, and more.

You know you need a new BCD when it has been serviced many times and its component parts have seen better days. You may also want to switch to newer systems that are easier to maintain and service.

For your next BCD, find a system with easy-to-find replacement accessories, e.g. low-pressure inflator hose.

Always invest in good, quality gear to ensure top performance and safety in your every dive. You can find them here. 

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