3 Best Diving Destinations in Europe

Are you heading out to the ocean this month? If you’ve been eyeing Europe as your next  scuba diving destination then you are definitely in for a treat! Its diving destinations are varied and you only need the time and budget because all the fun and adventure are just waiting for you there!

The continent provides some of the best diving experiences to avid scuba divers. But how to choose the destination that will fit your preferences best?

Here are some of our suggestions:

Cirkewwa (Malta)

As one of Malta’s most visited diving destinations, you can expect great adventures through the sights of tunnels, caves and cliffs underwater. Plus, there are various wrecks you can explore such as a patrol boat, and a tugboat. The statue of Madonna is also a must see.

Madeira (Portugal)

No need to look further if what you want is the best diving in the island because it can be found right at the National Park Garajau. There you can find unique species of marine life including rays, jacks, giant groupers and many others. What’s more, the warm clear waters of this archipelago is on almost all year round so you can  swim and dive more comfortably.

Loften Islands (Norway)

On the other hand, those divers who prefer the cold waters, the Loften Island is a must go. One of the most unforgettable experiences you will have is when you meet a pod of orcas there. It’s not a given, but the possibility is just exciting! Other than that, you are surely going to meet fields of algae, groups of starfish, urchins and large species of fish such as cods, halibuts, flounders and many more!

As you can see, we’ve just mentioned 3 diving destinations in Europe but the choices seem daunting already. Wherever you may decide to go, just be sure to dive safely and have maximum fun! 

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