Dive Consoles – Diving Instruments for the Modern Diver

If you are a passionate diver, you should not settle for anything less. That’s why you should possess some modern diving equipment to bring your diving experience to the next level. Here are some  dive consoles that you can use for your next diving adventure.

Dive Computer

This device enables the diver to have more information in comparison to his or her previous dive. This is due to the ability of a computer to sense and process a plethora of information without ceasing, which would be displayed for the driver. During dangerous situations, it can also warn the diver of potential dangers.

Depth Gauge

A depth gauge can provide information about the depth of a particular dive. It has a needle that would indicate the actual depth that you are diving. The reading would be 0, when you are on the surface still mounting your scuba.

Alternatively, you can notice another needle that is always on top of the other. Such a needle would give information about the deepest location that you have been the last time. However, you can set it to 0 meters on the next dive if you prefer.

Submersible Pressure Gauge

One of the most important information gear is the submersible pressure gauge (SPG). This equipment would show you how much air you still have in your dive tank. When your dive leader asks about your air during a dive session, it literally mean that you have to check your SPG.


You also need to have the right underwater orientation via the  underwater compass. This would be useful either on your wrist or on the dive computer console. You need to have oversized symbols on the scales in order to have no problem viewing underwater, particularly when it is muddy or dark.

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