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When you dive not just for recreational purposes and is already beyond normal scuba diving conditions, it will fall under technical diving. To ensure your safety, you need the necessary diving equipment and accessories for technical diving as well as additional training and experience.

Compared to recreational diving where you use only one scuba tank, twin cylinders or closed-circuit rebreathers are needed for tech divers.

Here are other scuba equipment and gear backups to make technical diving safe and productive.

Palantic Xtreme 40lbs Donut Wing Single Tank w/ SS Backplate & Harness Basic Set
Price $499.98

Palantic 40lbs Donut Wing Double Tank Backplate Harness Deluxe Set + Tank holder
Price $699.98

Palantic Tech Diving Harness System with SS Backplate
Price $239.98

Palantic Scuba/Tech Diving Non-Scratch Protection Pad For Tank Belt
Price $7.98

Palantic Scuba Dive Techical Diving SS Backplate w/ Harness & Crotch Strap
Price $104.98

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